Hudsonian Godwit and Red Knots in Bahia Lomas, Tierra del Fuego Island
Photo: O. Blank

Red Knot and Hudsonian Godwit in Bahia Lomas,
Tierra del Fuego Island, Chile

The Red Knot Calidris canutus rufa, carries out an extensive migration from the breeding territory towards the coasts of Fuego Patagonia, where about 50% of the wintering population flying to South America spend the winter. On the other hand Hudsonian Godwit Limosa haemastica, is a shorebird which breeds in the northern extreme of North America (Alaska and the east of Canada) and also migrates towards South America, in a different route thought, to spend the boreal winter.             

Between 2001and 2003 the New Jersey Fish and Wildlife Service, under the of Dr. Larry Nyles together with independent Chilean researchers and other institutions, carried out studies about ecology of both Red Knots and Hudsonian Godwits wintering in the shores of Bahia Lomas in the north of Isla Grande of Tierra del Fuego, Chile. These studies??? area coordinated by R. Matus and Olivia Blank. Censuses have been done to the whole bay during all these years.

The first campaign was mostly cordination in the field to figure out where the birds where and after 10 days with no successful catching, we had a very good idea about how to work in the future.

During the second campaign (2002) veterinarian thesis student from University of Chile, Ana Roa, carried out a study consisting in blood sampling from the birds with the intention to determine whether these birds carry or not diseases known for other birds like Newcastle disease or Salmonella.      

In 2003 Phd in Ecology Carmen Espoz from Santo Tomas University in Santiago, has developed a study on bahia Lomas inter tidal in order to characterize invertebrates using this mudflats and in this way to study the diet of shorebirds using the bay as a foraging area.  

            Between 2001 and 2003 studies on the ecology of the Red Knots and Hudsonian Godwits wintering in Bahia Lomas (Tierra del Fuego Island) has been carried out by the New Jersey Fish and Wildlife Service together with local researchers. To see details on the different surveys click below:






Ruddy-headed Goose Chloephaga rubidiceps in the breeding grounds  of the species, Region of Magellan, Chile


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