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In this last month our efforts have been focused in carrying out the work for building a protected area for Ruddy-headed Goose in San Juan River mouth. This is part of the project CONCERTED ACTIONS FOR THE MANAGENMENT AND CONSERVATION OF THE RUDDY HEADED GOOSE Chloephaga rubidiceps, IN CHILE AND ARGENTINA, funded by CMS (Convention for Migratory Species / Bonn) and coordinated by Wetlands International (Buenos Aires).

Cartel en el área de Protección de San Juan
Foto: R. Matus

This proposal counts on the important support of the Union of Chilean Ornithologist (UNORCH), the Agricultural and Cattle Service, National Forestry Bureau and Ministry of National Heritage.

On October 21st we organized an inauguration ceremony and a presentation briefing of the place where representatives of the University of Magellan, National Oil Company, the Police Department, fishing and hunting Club, Tourism companies and National Tourism Board, among others.

The protected area has been visit by some people already among them we can mention Mr. Josep del Hoyo, Jordi Sargatal (Handbook of the birds of the World) and Robin Woods (Birds of the Falkland Island, who recognized the conservation effort and encourage the initiative in the way of information exchange with similar project developed in their own countries.

The importance of this work is based in the fact of taking concrete protection measurements in the species and to make it extensive to some of the few spots with the same potential.

In this days research on the species is carried out that will help to have a better idea of this species’ situation gosling



Ruddy-headed Goose and gosling, San Gregorio, Magallanes, Chile
Photo: R. Matus


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